Your products have been tested on animal ?

 In accordance with EU regulation animal tests are banned. 


How do you assess about product safety ? 

 In accordance with EU regulation each product has been evaluated by a Toxicologist in order to asses about its safety according to normal use.


Which conservative system do you use ?

 We use the following conservative systems : 

 Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate Potassium Sorbate et Sodium Benzoate.

 These ingredients have been agreed by ECOCERT chart. 


Do you add silicon into your products ?

 General speaking HIP products are silicon free.

 We have made this decision because we believe that hair is more beautiful using natural silicon-like ingredients 

 But we have been unable to do it for two products : 

  • Cocoon Conditioner : content less than 1.5 %, it means lesser than market use
  • Pure Curl Serum because it is a hair styling product for curly hair and it not easy to get performance without silicones .


Are you goods from organic farming ?
  • Our goods containing high amount of vegetal ingredients but not 100% of them are from organic garming.
  • That is because availability on the market.


Why did you leave ECOCERT certification ?
We dont' share the sale and gouvernance practices of ECOCERT label and because we are an independant small brand we want to affirm our independance from any big "cluster" .
That's a political decision !
Our committment still the same :whenever possible we use ingredients from organic farming and we subtitute any 100% chemical ingredient by natural one.


What's the SPF of Sun Sea Pool Cream ?

This cream doesn't contain any UV filter, than no SPF. 

The protection is made by the antyoxydant essential oil complexe.