About us ?

About us?

The concept

HIP! A complete hair care line that combines natural and effective for a repaired and boosted hair, scalp soothed!
Be a "Naturalista" aspiring to more naturalness in lifestyle, without setting rules nor unattainable goals.
The natural ingredients selected by HIP restore balance to instantly and permanently beautify your hair by spreading their benefits to physical and mental harmony.
HIP helps you to stay Zen with its holistic care * (body and mind) that will bring you energy and harmony in a society increasingly demanding and driven by performance.
HIP as the energy of a "Hip Hip Hip Hooray! "Or a twang that takes us from the bottom up.
Everyone can choose and find his own way for a healthy mind in a healthy body!
* Holistic means "whole state"

Our inspiration

HIP draws inspiration from the natural cosmetics tradition based on a sensory ritual revitalizing and balancing body and mind according to the holistic approach.
HIP makes you discover and enjoy the touch of your hair stripped of artifices like silicone.
The HIP products are designed as work of art (color, smell, touch ...) and that's why you either love it or you'll hate them, our products in any case does not leave you indifferent.
Our goal is not to limit us to offer a product "going everywhere" but to make you feel real sensory experience where emotions are the key to the pursuit of well-being.

The story

HIP brand, created in the 2000s, offers care to listen to modern life to reconcile contemporary beauty, natural and well-being of body and mind.
Eugenio Valente, training Pharmacist, and Beatrice Valente, chemist, took over the brand and pursuing the holistic philosophy of HIP.
Following a career in the plant extraction industry, health and cosmetics, they are passionate about the power of vegetal to synthesize complex molecules and highly bio-available, which are a real asset for our good -be.
They rely on their common experience "natural ingredients" but also on their own knowledge of chemistry and physiology to design products that are both effective and respectful of body and mind.

Formulation Focus

Pass silicone free !
If you decide to change to a silicone-free shampoo, you may find that your hair is less beautiful than before.
This transition from 1 to 2 weeks is a bit difficult because your hair will seem more rebels, driest, or less bright.
Patience! Because the silicone mask the real state of your hair and can also cause an excess of sebum or otherwise dry scalp: hair must make their marks and be tamed by natural ingredients and moisturizing sheathing.
To provide maximum softness, Cocoon Hair Mask, also silicone free, will be your ally and will help you pass this phase. You will discover your hair sublimated without any artifice and scalp will be appeased.
As a bonus, you'll get a faster and easier styling drying!